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Shredders for general applications

During the grinding process, the hydraulic ram presses the material against the rotor. The rotor is equipped with blades suitably designed for the materials to be recycled. The product’s particle size is determined by the dimension of the sieve holes. The belt drive and the reaction system, absorb shocks during the grinding process, thereby protecting the mechanical elements of the shredder. The forward movement of the piston against the rotor is controlled by the consumption of the motor. Each material to be processed, depending on its makeup, may require a suitable program.

Shredders for volumous items

For some applications, like hollow pieces, it is used a vertical ram, along with the standard horizontal one. The material to be ground is pressed downward by the vertical ram, thereby compressing larger items.

Shredders for pipes and profiles

This range of shredders is used for recycling of pipes and thick, large-section profiles. The materials to be recycled are fed in via a loading tunnel with a safety cover. The profiles are hydraulically pressed against the rotor, and the movement of the ram is controlled by the motor’s consumption. The design of the blades, rotor and infeed system, have been optimized to obtain a high-density end product, thanks to the large thickness of shredded material that is obtained.

Double shaft shredders

The double shaft shredder allows the processing of a wide variety of materials, dimensions and densities, being suitable for the reduction of bulky products.   It is equipped with a large hopper and two shafts, which support the cutting discs, being driven by two independent gear motors. The cutting discs are manufactured in high quality steel and wear resistant.   The reduced speed of rotation allows low energy consumption and noise level.   The inversion system allows to, in case of excessive load, is automatically activated the temporary inversion of the rotors movement in order to avoid the overloading.   As an option, an upper ram can be mounted for processing of bulky parts (bumpers, containers, etc.).   The main applications are: - plastic materials - rubber / tires - paper / cardboard - wood - cables

Granulators LSR

This series of granulators was designed for recycling sprues and small, thin walled parts in a closed loop with the injection molding machine. Its compact frame enables a small amount of space to be taken up. The low rotor speed, and the blade positioning allows for a reduction of dust in the regrind. Quick-release devices enable the granulator to be easily opened for cleaning and maintenance. The design of the cutting system eliminates the need to adjust the blades, thereby allowing them to be quickly replaced.

Granulators DLS

This series of granulators is intended for recycling plastic materials, such as sprues tops and tails as well as injected parts and packaging. The rotor, with staggered knives and low speed, promotes low noise reduced energy consumption and dust in the regrind.

Granulators XRT

The XRT range, designed for general applications, is used as a central granulator or close to the machine. Its sturdiness ensures a long life in recycling plastic materials obtained by injection, blow molding and extrusion. The scissor cutting system reduces the production of dust as well as energy consumption. A jig for adjustment of the knives outside the granulator ensures precision in the gap between knives, while allowing them to be quickly and easily replaced. A wide range of options makes this series of granulator very versatile.

Granulators XRP

This range of granulators is designed specifically to size reduce extruded profiles up to 6 meter long. The horizontal opening allows ergonomic feeding and profiles are automatically by the rotor. Short length profiles can be fed manually or with belt conveyor to a top mounted hopper. Its compact design, including the soundproofed version, enables the equipment to be installed in the production area.

Granulators XRD

The XRD range was designed for thermoforming applications allowing in-line recycling of thermoformed sheets with or without pieces. The feeding process is realized by motorized roller system.

Granulators HSR

The closed-circuit recycling of edge trims in extrusion industry gives the following advantages: - immediate reuse as raw material - elimination of the risk of contamination - stock reduction of raw material - gains of space in the production area - elimination of the workforce in the treatment of edge trims. For this effect Palbase developed one solution simple, efficient and economic.

Recycling and washing lines

The Palbase recycling plants allow the processing of various types of plastic materials, such as rigid and flexible plastics (PE, PP, PET, technical plastics, etc.) and are characterized by the flexibility, high security, resource optimization, durability and efficiency. The several equipments that constitute a recycling and washing line change according to the materials to be processed, the existing level of contamination, expected residual moisture content and the capacity of the same. The equipments that can be part of these plants are: - guillotines - rotary sieves - shredders - swimming tanks - granulators - friction washers - mechanical dryer - screw dryer-pressers - drying systems by hot air - belt conveyors - screw conveyors - pneumatic transports - metal detectors and separators - storage systems: - big-bag filling stations - silos - water treatment systems

Swimming tanks

In the recycling of plastic materials is essential the sorting and separating of contaminants. The swimming tank has the function of separating materials by densities. The higher density components, such as PVC, metals and minerals, sink and are removed mechanically. They are built in several dimensions, depending of the materials to be treated and throughput, normally insert in complete washing lines which include other equipments manufactured by our company like, shredders, granulators, washing systems and mechanical driers.